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David Levinson has been creating " one of a kind "
oil portraits since 1986. His work is part of the
Boxing Hall of Fame permanent collection and
owned by the family of the " Brown Bomber "
Joe Louis . Levinson created a limited edition
lithograph of New York Jet Wayne Chrebet for the
Colleen  Giblin Foundation. The original oil painting hangs
in Chrebet's home and one of the 80 lithos is in NY Jet's
owner Woody Johnson's office.

Levinson has created portraits of some of the
greatest athletes of all time including Muhammad Ali,
Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods and
Martin Brodeur to name a few.

In addition to creating " one of a kind " sports collectible
paintings, Levinson has been commissioned to paint
numerous traditional portraits as well.

Let David Levinson create a portrait for you!

Self-Portrait 16"x20"